Ideal Washing

Take note of these tips and extend the softness and colors of your products


Washing the product correctly is a great tip for those who just bought new towels or sheets and want to keep longer the quality, color and newness touch of the new product. The ideal is always using cold water to preserve the color, and the first washings should be done separated – never mixing colors! For the towels it is very important not to use softener, because it reduces the absorbency! Pay attention to these tips and extend the softness and colors of your products.

Washing Instructions

Learn what each symbol present in labels and packages means

The vat indicates that the product can be machine washed and the maximum water temperature corresponds to the one presented in the center of the symbol, in our example 60ºC.


The triangle refers to the use of bleach during washing. When there’s an X over it, that means the use of bleach is not allowed (chlorine or based products).


The square with a half-moon on top recommends drying the product on vertical way.



The iron symbol indicates that the product can be ironed respecting the mentioned temperature: one dot inside the iron means minimum temperature; two dots, medium and three dots, high temperature.


The circle symbol refers to Dry clean. It is usually not recommended Dry Clean to textile products. An X over the symbol indicates Dry clean is not allowed.

Caring of your towels

After a day of work a hot shower and a fluffy towel relieve all tension. In order that you have many relaxing moments so, be careful when handling your towel. The piles are like little loops that can be caught, helping to pull yarns. If the pile is pulled, you can cut close to the fabric as it won’t be damaged! Another tip is to be careful with hard objects such as buttons and zippers during washing.

Mattresses standard measures

Have a look in the mattresses standard measures

colchoes (1)


Length until 203cm > Width 96cm > Height 30cm | Quantity of pillow: 1


Length until 190cm > Width 140cm > Height 30cm | Quantity of pillow: 2


Length until 200cm > Width 160cm > Height 30cm | Quantity of pillow: 2 + one cushion


Length until 203cm > Width 193cm > Height 40cm | Quantity of pillow: 3

Tip for an ideal Trosseau

For those who are going to fit up a house, follow a basic list for an ideal Bathroom and Bedroom minimum trosseau.

  • 4 beddings;
  • 4 or 5 piece-towel sets;
  • 2 bedspreads;
  • blanket or quilt, always plain and neutral;
  • 4 face towels for bathroom.

In case you have a guest-room in your house or always have guests, don’t forget the bedding, towel set and blanket for them.