The life of your pillow

Today the tip is for those who are allergic or suffer from rhinitis. Did you know that the responsible for your problem can be your own pillow? A pillow lasts no longer than two years, after that half of it turns into mites. Forget that old story that putting the pillows at the sunlight eliminates dust mites. Sunlight does not kill them, so check your pillow! Notice the color, if it is yellow, with spots or dirty, throw it in the trash can!

Can we cut the pile of towels?

We have one more tip to keep your towel beautiful longer! You should take care not to let hard or sharp objects, able to pull loosen pile, mix up with clothes – in or out of the washing machine. If the pile from your towel or bathrobe is pulled, you can cut it without problem, because that thread will not discard as a tricot. Therefore your product will continue impeccable!

How to fold your fitted sheet

Many people have difficulty in folding fitted sheets and just leave them all tangled. In order to make your life easier, we found a photo that teaches you how to do it step by step. Now just do the same!

Doesn’t new towel dry?

Who has never heard the old story that old towel dries better? In fact, it is a myth and has a lot to do with the quality of the product! Let us explain: when a towel set is produced with poor quality cotton, some industries add much softener during the process so that the product has a better appearance. However, as the softener has an oil basis and oil and water do not mix, which makes the towel become waterproof. Here at Bud there is a big concern about quality. For that reason our towels are made up of high quality cotton, are prewashed and pre-shrunk so any remaining softener put into production leaves. In order to keep your towels always beautiful, soft and permeable, we advise not to put softener in the first three washes. After than intercalate every two washes.

Do not iron towels

Are you used to iron your towel sets or bathrobes? Did you know that this could harm your products and a lot? Towels and bathrobes do not need to be ironed, since they do not wrinkle. If you are already used to do it, take note of our tips and keep your bathroom outfit always gorgeous! Avoid the steam iron, as it leaves your towel rough and by producing moisture can cause mold. The iron should be used at a suitable temperature for cotton, since high temperatures destroy the fibers and leave dull colors. Follow these recommendations and you will always have beautiful products at home!