Washing the towel after three uses

If you took a shower today, your body may be clean, but your bath towel is probably dirty. When you use the towel, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, dead skin cells and several secretions.
The best part is that most of these microbes are not harmful. In fact, many of them came from your own body. However, they are there and procreate quickly.
So, how often can you use your towel before washing?
“Ideal is a maximum of 3 times, drying it in a ventilated area”, said Dr. Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and pathologist at the New York University School of Medicine, to Tech Insider.
Let’s practice this tip? Health is a valuable welfare!

Stain Removal

The longer you take to remove any kind of stain, harder it will be removed. The tip is to wash them at the time the dirt settles, thus you do not take the risk the stain fastens in the fabric fibers and does not getcleaned anymore.

General Care

Make sure that your towels do not get direct touch with cleaning products as these may damage the fabric. Beware:
– Cleaners containing bleach, they might remove the color of your towels permanently;
– Astringent lotions and skin treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide, which may cause the same effect as bleachers. Besides, remnants of hair dyes can also damage your products.

Cleaning the filter is essential!

Nowadays modern machines have self-cleaning filters, but if your machine has one that requires cleaning, be sure to do this maintenance frequently.This way you avoid accumulated pilling from soiling other tissues.

Organizing Linen

If you have a space available for use as Linen closet, you can separate bedding and bath per size or a shelf for each item, identifying them.

If you do not have a specific place to “call” the linen closet, we suggest you keeping each bedding in respective family room member. Bath sets can be arranged in the bathroom they will be used if there is enough space or in a closet also.

Separate sets: single sheet, double or king, bath towels, face and tub mats, blankets, comforters, etc.
The right fold is one that works for you! Make the fold according to the size of the shelf or drawer you use.

In order to arrange your sheets in a simple and practical way you can:
1) Fold the top sheet and place it in or under the pillowcases so making them a set.
2) Place the top sheet and the folded bottom one into one of the pillowcases. This option only works with sheet sets with no sham pillowcases (those without flaps).

This way your sets will be always complete.

A safe option to store comforters and blankets that not used often is using TNT packages, which can prevent mold parts keeping safe and clean.

Follow the same pattern for Bath towel sets, folding bath towel and placing hand one inside. In order not to confuse the tub mat with hand, I prefer placing them next to the sets of towels or on a shelf just for them.

Change towels and linens weekly. It is very important they are dried between one bath to another, if not can create fungus. If your bathroom is not ventilated enough, hang them in a more fresh air place and replace them more often.

If there are loose items, categorize by type and place them in stacks on the shelf.

Identify the shelves with the names of family members or by type of sheet and towel sets. Example: single, double, king, bed, etc. So everyone will know where to find them!

Do not forget to make rotation. Set coming from laundry goes at the end of the stack, so all sets are used.