Who are we?

Everything Began…

Comfort, sophistication, exclusivity, pioneering. Buddemeyer’s history, which began in 1924, has all these qualities and is synonymous of tradition.

Founded by the German immigrant Friedrich Bernard Buddemeyer – that in his baggage to Brazil, brought his experience in textile engineering, his bride and the hope of a new life – Buddemeyer started as a loom industry. In 1951 the company moved to São Bento do Sul and started manufacturing textiles.

Behind that story, 1,200 people work at the two plants in São Bento do Sul and Campo Alegre, state of Santa Catarina, totalizing 45 thousand square meters of built area. The use of excellent quality raw materials, state of the art technology, combined with a special finish, provide high performance products.

Always focusing on global fashion trends, quality and excellence in the manufacture of new products, Buddemeyer achieved the national leadership in top market segment for beding, bath and table. In addition, it is recognized as a high quality brand in the countries where it exports to.

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Buddemeyer is concerned about the environment and the planet's future, so it takes environmental responsibility seriously. The company uses only products which are not dangerous to nature, going further than separating recyclable waste.

Throughout the production process, Bud does not allow any harmful residue reach the environment. All liquid generated during dyeing stage passes through its own effluent treatment plant, returning the water to the river cleaner than when it was captured. Moreover, recycles most of its waste, using the rest as fuel into the boiler.

The commitment to the planet makes Buddemeyer search more and more modern production processes, assuring a high quality life for future generations. The environment Concern has assured the international Oeko-tex Certification to the company.